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  • Andy Baylor


“The Old Southern Line”- Andy’s new album

The Banksia Band offers a sensual, relaxed folk/roots sound which encapsulates the essence of Australian music-making. Their polished, eclectic music draws on ‘roots music’ styles:-Country, Folk and Cajun fiddle music, old, deep blues and world music exotica are seamlessly woven into a contemporary Australian bar-room symphony. Andy has written and recorded a whole new batch of songs and tunes which he and the Banksia band will be unveiling over Spring and Summer. The band features a sweet string sound with the fiddles and violas of Sophie Dunn and Kate Connor, the mandolin, mando-cello and guitar of Sam Lemann with Andy on electric surf, jazz guitar, fiddle and vocals. This formidable front line is driven by percussionist/producer Denis Close’s exotic world percussion, the bass of Kain Borlaise and Sharky Ramos’ masterful jazz drumming.

“As with all my albums over the years, I have committed myself to passionate, honest expression of my innermost thoughts, feelings and to tell something of the place and times I find myself living in. I love writing and playing music and even though I may naturally be a shy, fairly quiet person, when I play and sing I feel free to tell it like it is

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